B.Grimm Power's wind farm starts supplying the grid

BackAug 19, 2021

The operation of wind farms is part of B.Grimm's strategy to ramp up electricity production from clean and renewable energy sources.

B.Grimm Power Plc announced its 16-megawatt wind farm in northeast Thailand has fully come on line and is now supplying power to the national grid.

The second part of the Bo Thong wind energy facility, located in Nikhom Kam Soi district, Mukdahan province, was successfully brought on stream on Aug 16, joining the first unit which was up and running earlier on Aug 2.

"Bo Thong Wind Farm's commercial start-up represents another milestone in B.Grimm's route map towards greater engagement in clean energy development," said Harald Link, chairman and president of B.Grimm.

The Bo Thong 1 and 2 wind farms are operated by Bo Thong Wind Farm, 92.2% owned by B.Grimm. Their electrical output has been delivered to the Provincial Electricity Authority under a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA) that comes with a provision of an adder tariff, amounting to 3.5 baht per kilowatt-hour, to the base tariff for a 10-year period.

The operation of wind farms forms part of B.Grimm's strategy to ramp up electricity production from clean and renewable energy sources and to make them available to state power utilities in Thailand and countries around the world under the so-called B2G (business to government) model. The model is geared towards providing highly efficient and stable electricity and utilities that are fundamental to the economic growth of countries.

"B.Grimm will continue to invest more with a determination to promote sustainable business growth under the principles of good governance as well as responsible value chain management," Mr Link said.

"The principles take into account the economic, social and environmental impacts through the development of clean energy and the improvement of power plant efficiency.

"Our goal is to increase the proportion of clean energy in our portfolio that will go a long way to help curbing global warming and taking care of the environment in a sustainable way."

At present, 74% of B.Grimm's power generation is derived from natural gas, with the remaining 26% being in the form of renewable or clean energy.

The company is completing five combined cycle co-generation power plants, namely ABP 1, ABP 2, BPLC 1 and BGPM 1&2, with a combined installed capacity of 700MW. They are replacements to existing ones and due to start commercial operation by the second half of next year.

B.Grimm has been negotiating and studying the possibility of expanding investment in renewable energy projects in countries such as South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines.

B.Grimm has a total of 50 power plants in commercial operation. The company aims to ramp up its total installed capacity from 3,058MW at the end of 2020 to at least 7,200MW of secured PPA by 2025, and to 10,000MW by 2030 with a targeted annual revenue of more than 100 billion baht.

source : bangkokpost